Mixer Drill

A mixer drill is a power tool especially designed for mixing applications. These devices generally have dual-gear systems, multiple handles and threaded connections to accommodate mixing paddles.  Blending plaster, grout, paint and other substances is fast and easy with this powerful tool, which is why it has found use in both industrial and household applications.

Because it is practical, compact and lightweight, a mixer drill is considered a must-have in workshops and garages. This type of drill is popular among seasoned handymen who want to get mixing jobs done quickly and with greater accuracy. Novice DYI enthusiasts also find this tool very helpful not only in mixing tasks but in boring applications as well.

Different Types of Mixer Drill

There are several types of mixer drills that come with various features to accomplish different kinds of mixing projects.

Cost of a Mixer Drill

There is a variation in mixer drill prices, depending on the features, capabilities and quality of the drill. The prices also differ between mixing drill manufacturers. For instance, the prices of spade handle mixing drills from Tool Shop, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Makita, Hitachi and Dewalt start at $70 up to $695. When it comes to pistol-grip mixing drills, the name to turn to is Bosch. Their drills cost between $495 and $846. Meanwhile, Rubi and Freud’s Diablo, which are among the well-known names for double handle drills, offer these devices for $65 to $350. For right angle mixing drills, Dewalt, Milwaukee and Makita brands are available for about $193 to $375.

What to Consider when Buying a Mixer Drill

People should not just simply purchase any of the mixer drills they see on the shelves. It is extremely important to find and use the drill that is appropriate for the specific mixing application. Choosing the right mixing drill involves knowing the specifications required by the task at hand.  The following parameters must be taken into account:

A mixer drill is an innovative power tool for various mixing applications in both residential and industrial settings. The variety of mixing drills offered in the market guarantees that the right drill for every mixing task is obtainable.


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